France well-positioned in the world rankings for innovation

Surveys and rankings are are fashionable, and innovation is no exception to this rule. The Boston Consulting Group, Clarivate Analytics, Bloomberg … : as a matter of fact, several rankings have just come out … and it turns out that France is not doing badly ! But it all depends on the chosen criteria, of course.

Le Boston Consulting Group a établi le classement des « 50 entreprises les plus innovantes » dans le monde.

First, the Boston Consulting Group has ranked the « Top 50 Most Innovative Companies » in the world,  among which  3 French companies: Axa, 30th (22nd in 2015) ;  Renault 38th (33rd in 2015) and Orange 44th (new entry in the ranking). Obviously, USA comes up to be the best represented country (34 companies in total, including the top 3 with Apple, Google and Tesla). There are 6 German companies and 3 from Japan – the number being the same for French ones.
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Le rapport présente aussi une analyse des sources de nouvelles idées.

Le rapport présente aussi une analyse des sources de nouvelles idées.

Then the Clarivate Analytics’ report comes up with the « Top 100 World Innovators ». France is in 3rd position with 7 companies (Total, Alstom, Arkema, Safran, Saint-Gobain, Thales and Valeo) and 3 national institutes (CEA, CNRS and IFPEN). Yet, this is far behind the US (39organizations) and Japan (34). The criteria here are based on patents: number, difference between filed and registered patents, number of quotations by other applicants for an original patent. France, however, is the number 1 amongst European nations, ahead of Germany and Switzerland. The electronic sector is in the lead, while the medical sector is increasing and aerospace and defence are pulling down.

Institutions: the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) is at the top of the ranking (ccock-a-doodle-doo !) in terms of number of patents per invention (5.6), followed by IFPEN (French Institute for New Energies, 5.1) and then CNRS (National Center for Scientific research, 5.0), ahead of Fraunhofer (4.7) and the University of California!

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La France est donc première nation européenne, loin devant l’Allemagne puis la Suisse.

Même si l’électronique est en tête, le médical augmente sa présence alors que l’aérospatial et la défense régressent.

S’agissant des institutions, le CEA est en tête (cocorico) en matière de nombre de brevets par invention (5,6), suivi par l’IFPEN (5,1) puis le CNRS (5,0), devant les Fraunhofer (4,7) et l’Université de Califormie !

Finally, Bloomberg has published a ranking of the « world’s most innovative economies ». The ranking is dominated by South Korea, Germany and Sweden. USA are only ranked 8th and France 10th. The chosen criteria are broad, including: R&D effort, level of technology, density of researchers, number of patents, …
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