Paxter NEXT15 Expert tools

PAXTER NEXT15 is a unique tool in the world of higher education, it has no equivalent in other strategic consulting firms or statistical companies. Most of the time, the studies you can buy from specialized companies offer fixed projections over 3 or 4 years (at best). And you will have to wait for the next study if you want to project yourself further … If it’s ever coming. PAXTER NEXT15, thanks to its dynamic conception and the regular updates of the data and formulas, will never make your projections obsolete.

PAXTER NEXT15 was designed as a decision-making tool for all actors in education, training, integration and economic development, and gives you access to regularly updated analysis and projections on 66 countries, representing 90% of the world’s student population for the next 15 years to come.
– Where to invest and how? In which countries will be the most dynamic pools of students within 15 years downstream
– How can you match a training offer to the needs of economic and demographic development
– On the strictly academic level, in which countries to find the best partners (schools or companies) for a sustainable and qualitative growth of the training offer.

And there is even more: PAXTER NEXT15 proposes projections on 15 YEARS, of which you can adjust your own parameters:
– The number of countries
– The step or increment: every year, the 2,3 4 years …
– Finally the tool allows you to project over 15 years floating, ie for example from 2017 to 2032, 2018 to 2033, etc …
– In addition to the PAXTER analysis, the tool allows you to make your own projections by inserting your own data and assumptions into the matrix: GDP, demography…You can also inject your own data only on some specific data you would be more confident in. But also your own geographical comparisons, from country to country or compare several geographical areas.

PAXTER NEXT 15 will be publicly launched in 2018.